Why Choose Us?

It takes a lot for someone to entrust their learning or their children's education to an institution. The responsibility is enormous and what is at stake is even greater. We feel this deeply at heart as we write this post. At Olive Tree Madrasah, we acknowledge what is at stake and take very seriously this trust we are about to shoulder. First and foremost, we certainly believe in ourselves that we have the capability to deliver what we have outlined as our goal in being an institution of beneficial knowledge and community service. But what makes us stand out and why should people choose us for their education?

1. Knowledge

Islam has taught us that knowledge comes before speech and action. At Olive Tree Madrasah, we strive to make knowledge guide our educational practices. We are therefore constantly seeking to learn and implement what we have learnt so that we can create more knowledge. Our practices are illuminated by knowledge of the Islamic tradition as well as social science research and the humanities.

2. Experience

We have experience of designing Islamic educational curricula for Madrasahs having actively contributed to the Edinburgh Central Mosque's Arabic School. We also designed and executed the central mosque's Arabic programme for adults for an entire academic year. Our outreach activities extend our experience to the arenas of higher education as well as broader Scottish civil society in equality & diversity training, interfaith work and media. Together, these experiences place us in a good standing to design and deliver high quality education across a range of ages, cultures and backgrounds.

3. Professionalism

It has been said: Allah loves it that when you do something, you perfect it! This is a driving motivation for us. We are professional. We take immense pride in our work, serving Islam, our society and humanity. Our school therefore adopts these values and adheres to its ethos of self-discipline, responsibility and respect. We shall work with you based on these core values and aim to instil them in our students.

4. Holistic

Our approach to learning, teaching and living Islam is a holistic one. We aim to graduate well-rounded Muslim young men and women who are secure about who they are and feel inspired enough to go on to achieve their best potentials in life. Our educational programme is holistic in terms of the subjects we teach, our methods of delivery and even with regard to our aim of being actively engaged with the wider Scottish (Edinburgh) society. We therefore envisage school trips and educational initiatives to expose our students to their social realities so they become firmly grounded and know how to apply their knowledge in everyday life.

5. Care

We love what we do because we have a vision and a driving ambition to be a positive influence in how the Muslim world lives and is understood. This love, passion and sense of purpose means that we very much care about our work. We care about our students because they are our future, they are our children. We will go above and beyond our call of duty to ensure that we deliver and that we maintain our reputation and high standards.