Meet Our Team

People. Women and men. From different corners of the world: Egypt, Gambia, Libya Pakistan and Scotland.

We are delighted to announce our team! The two new vacancies at the start of the 2019-2020 year have now been filled and we're joined by a volunteer communications expert!

We are looking forward to achieving amazing things together at the Olive Tree Madrasah. Read the bios of each member below.


Dr. Yahya Barry, Director

Senior visiting researcher at the University of Copenhagen. BA Theology from the Islamic University of Madinah. MAs in Religion and Peace & Conflict from the Universities of Uppsala and Copenhagen. PhD at the University of Edinburgh. 


Sh. Abdusalam Yehmed, Head of Qur'an Studies

He is a Hafidh of the Qur'an and Imam at Balgreen Mosque. He holds an MSc in Civil Engineering and Construction Management from Heriot Watt University where he is also pursuing a PhD. 


Suzanne Chalmers,


A qualified counsellor and member of COSCA. MSc candidate in Person-Centred Practice (Mental Health and Wellbeing) at Queen Margaret University.  


Hamza Hussain,


Hamza is our Communications & Media Assistant. He is a Graphics Designer and Web Developer by training at Edinburgh College


Kholoud Htewash,

Volunteer Consultant

Creative Designer and Audio-Visual editor, with a background in marketing and communications. Educated at the University of Abertay, Dundee.